MAIN CONFERENCE PROGRAM (Times correspond to Brasilia – DF, Brazil, GMT-3)

Webinar on Undergraduate Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Teaching

Hour to be confirmed

Media: Youtube (link to be defined)

Format: 1 lecture followed by a forum of discussion including 3 invited panelists

Soil-water saturation states may vary within a wide range in geo-structures exposed to environmental changes, and the study of the continuity between saturated and unsaturated states or vice versa is important in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering practice (e.g. earth and tailing dams, pavements and embankments, natural slopes stability, bearing capacity for shallow foundations, waste treatment and disposal). This webinar presents and discusses some educational materials making fundamental concepts in modelling unsaturated soil behavior more attractive for students to see how important it is for them to apply the material professionally in current and future challenges (e.g. climate change, sea level rise, energy, sustainability) in civil and environmental engineering. It emphasizes the benefits of introducing fundamental concepts and reviewing classical examples of applications of unsaturated soil mechanics to undergraduate courses in civil and environmental engineering. The resulting material is presented in an easy to understand manner for implementation without changing the workload of the existing undergraduate civil and environmental engineering curricula.

Course on Applied Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
09:00 Slope Stability Prof. André Luis B. Cavalcante (University of Brasilia, Brazil)
10:30 Break – Industry AD
11:00 Pavements Prof. Bernardo Caicedo (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)
12:30 Break – Industry AD
13:30 Design of Barriers Prof. Alexandre Cabral  (Université de Sherbrooke, Canada)
15:00 Break – Industry AD
15:30 Numerical Applications on Mining Dr. Murray Fredlund (Bentley Systems Inc., Canada)
Hour ROOM 1 ROOM 2
11:00 Keynote Lecture 1
11:20 State-of-the-Art 1
12:10 Break – Industry AD
13:10 Paper Session 1A – Fundamentals Paper Session 1B
14:10 Break – Industry AD
14:50 Keynote Lecture 2
15:40 State-of-the-Art 2
16:30 Break – Industry AD
17:00 Paper Session 2A – Fundamentals Paper Session 2B
18:00 Industry AD
Hour ROOM 1 ROOM 2
10:00 Special session on the practice of unsaturated soil mechanics (Keynotes Lectures 3 to 5)
12:30 Break – Industry AD
13:30 Paper Session 3A USM practice Paper Session 3B
14:30 Break – Industry AD
15:10 Keynote Lecture 6
16:00 Keynote Lecture 7
16:50 Break – Industry AD
17:20 Paper Session 4A – Tailings  Paper Session 4B
18:20 Industry AD – TC-106 Meeting
Hour ROOM 1 ROOM 2
10:00 Keynote Lecture 8
10:50 Keynote Lecture 9
11:40 Break – Industry AD
12:40 Paper Session 5A – Modeling Paper Session 5B
13:40 Break – Industry AD
14:20 Keynote Lecture 10
15:10 State-of-the-Art 3
16:00 Break – Industry AD
16:20 Paper Session 6A – USM practice Paper Session 6B
17:20 Break – Industry AD
17:40 State-of-the-Art 4
18:30 Closure
Confirmed Lecturers
# Keynote Theme 
1 Martinus T. van Genutchen (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Water scarcity and pollution
2 Claudia Zapata (Arizona State University, USA) Geotechnics of roads
3 José Camapum de Carvalho (University of Brasilia, Brazil) Properties and behavior of unsaturated tropical soils in the context of weathering profiles
4 G. Ward Wilson (University of Alberta, Canada) Safety and reliability in mining engineering
5 Delwyn G. Fredlund (Golder Associates, Canada) The practice of unsaturated soil mechanics
6 Luciano Oldecop (Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina) Tailings engineering
7 Paul Simms (Carleton University, Canada) Unconventional tailings technologies
8 José Fernando T. Jucá (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) Municipal solid waste landfilling
9 Leonardo Guimarães (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) Numerical modelling
10 Gerald A. Miller (University of Oklahoma, USA) Application of in situ tests in unsaturated soils to analysis of shallow foundations
# State-of-the -Art Subject
1 Laureano R. Hoyos (University of Texas at Arlington, USA) Instrumentation: laboratory & in-situ
2 John McCartney (University of California at San Diego, USA) Hydromechanical properties
3 Sai Vanapalli (University of Ottawa, Canada) Prediction of bearing capacity
4 Sandra Houston (Arizona State University, USA) Expansive and collapsible soils