MAIN CONFERENCE PROGRAM (Times correspond to Brasilia – DF, Brazil, GMT-3)

Webinar on Undergraduate Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Teaching

Friday, July 16th, 2021 | 6:00 PM (Brasília time, GMT-3)

Media: ABMS’ Youtube channel

Format: 1 lecture followed by a forum of discussion including 3 invited panelists

Webinar outline
Teaching unsaturated soil mechanics concepts at the undergraduate level prepares students for dealing with numerous real-case scenarios that the soon- to-be engineers will face in their engineering practice. However, the academia faces several challenges when attempting to introduce unsaturated soils mechanics concepts in the regular curricula. This international webinar will focus on undergraduate unsaturated soil mechanics teaching, with world-class specialists sharing their views and experiences.


  • Undergraduate unsaturated soil mechanics for the 2020s. Delwyn G. Fredlund (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Centrifuge modelling of unsaturated soils, what is known, and what is missing. Bernardo Caicedo (Los Andes University, Colombia)
  • Building an understanding of the impacts of transient flow processes on the mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils. John S. McCartney (University of California San Diego, USA)

Roundtable Discussions, with the participation of the speakers and moderators:

Delwyn Fredlund Bernardo Caicedo John McCartney Katia V. Bicalho
Gilson Gitirana

Download the webinar poster (pdf)

Course on Applied Unsaturated Soil Mechanics | July 23rd (Friday)
09:00 Slope Stability Prof. André Luis B. Cavalcante (University of Brasilia, Brazil)
10:30 Break
11:00 Pavements Prof. Bernardo Caicedo (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)
12:30 Break
13:30 Design of Barriers Prof. Alexandre Cabral  (Université de Sherbrooke, Canada)
15:00 Break
15:30 Numerical Applications on Mining Dr. Murray Fredlund (Bentley Systems Inc., Canada)
Start July 26th, 2021 (Monday) Finish
10h00 Opening ceremony 10h30
10h30 KN1 –  Gerald Miller (University of Oklahoma, USA) Fernando Marinho (USP, BR) 11h20
11h20 STA1 – Laureano R. Hoyos (University of Texas at Arlington, USA) 12h10
12h10 Break 13h10
13h10 Paper sessions on Fundamentals 14h10
Session Chair Secretary
1A Laureano R. Hoyos (UTA, USA) Mariana Benessiuti (UNESP, BR)
1B Rafaela Cardoso (IST, PT) Giovana Georgetti (UFU, BR)
14h10 Break 14h50
14h50 KN2 – Xiong Zhang (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA) Orêncio M. Vilar (USP-SC, BR) 15h40
15h40 STA2 – John McCartney (University of California at San Diego, USA) 16h30
16h30 Break 17h00
17h00 Paper sessions on Fundamentals 18h00
Session Chair Secretary
2A Juan Carlos Rojas Vidovic (USFX, BO) Manoel Barroso Neto (PUC-Rio, BR)
2B Willian Likos (UW-M, USA) Elisângela do Prado Oliveira (UFPR, BR)
Start July 27th, 2021 (Tuesday) Finish
10h00 KN3 – José Camapum de Carvalho (Universidade de Brasília, BR) Gilson Gitirana (UFG, BR) 10h50
10h50 KN4 – G. Ward Wilson (University of Alberta, CA) 11h40
11h40 KN5 – Delwyn G. Fredlund (University of Saskatchewan, CA) 12h30
12h30 Break 13h30
13h30 Paper sessions on USM Practice 14h30
Session Chair Secretary
3A Jorge Zornberg (UTA) Thiago Carnavale (UNIFESO, BR)
3B Alfrendo Satyanaga (Nazarbayev Univ, KZ) Alexandro Cirone (PUC-Rio, BR)
14h30 Break 15h10
15h10 KN6 – Luciano Oldecop (UNSJ, AR) André Cavalcante (UnB, BR) 16h00
16h00 KN7 – Paul Simms (Carleton University, CA) 16h50
16h50 Break 17h20
17h20 Paper sessions on Tailings 18h20
Session Chair Secretary
4A Luciano Oldecop (UNSJ, AR) Carlos Bésso (PUC-Rio, BR)
4B Eduardo Rojas-Gonzáles (UAQ, MX) João Guilherme Rassi Almeida (UFG, BR)
18h20 TC-106 Meeting 19h00
Start July 28th, 2021 (Wednesday) Finish
10h00 KN8 – José Fernando T. Jucá (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, BR) Heraldo Giacheti (UNESP, BR) 10h50
10h50 KN9- Leonardo Guimarães (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, BR) 11h40
11h40 Break 12h40
12h40 Paper sessions on Modeling 13h40
Session Chair Secretary
5A Marcelo J. Sanchez (TAMU, USA) Sandro L. Machado (UFBA, BR)
5B Hamed Sadeghi (SUT, IR) Fernando Henrique M. Portelinha (UFSC, BR)
13h40 Break (40 min) 14h20
14h20 KN10 – Claudia Zapata (Arizona State University, USA) Márcia Mascarenha (UFG, BR) 15h10
15h10 STA3 – Sai Vanapalli (University of Ottawa, CA) 16h00
16h00 Break (20 min) 16h20
16h20 Paper sessions on USM Practice 17h20
Session Chair Secretary
6A Katerina Tsiampousi (IC, UK) Cristina de H. C. Tsuha (USP-SC, BR)
6B Bernardo Caicedo (Uniandes, CO) Marcelo Heidemann (UFSC, BR)
17h20 Break (20 min) 17h40
17h40 STA4 – Sandra Houston (Arizona State University, USA) Tácio de Campos (PUC-Rio, BR) 18h30
18h30 Closure 18h50
# Keynote Theme 
KN01 Gerald A. Miller (University of Oklahoma, USA) Application of in situ tests in unsaturated soils to analysis of spread footings
KN02 Xiong Zhang (Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology, USA) Recent advances in measuring volume changes of unsaturated soil specimen during triaxial testing
KN03 José Camapum de Carvalho (University of Brasilia, Brazil) Unsaturated soils in the context of tropical soils
KN04 G. Ward Wilson (University of Alberta, Canada) The new expertise required for designing safe tailings storage facilities
KN05 Delwyn G. Fredlund (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) Myths and misconceptions related to unsaturated soil mechanics
KN06 Luciano Oldecop (Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina) Unsaturated mine tailings disposal
KN07 Paul Simms (Carleton University, Canada) The role of unsaturated behaviour in unconventional tailings deposition
KN08 José Fernando T. Jucá (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) Brasília municipal solid waste landfill: A case study on flow and slope stability
KN09 Leonardo Guimarães (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil) Coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical and chemical modeling of clays and clayed rocks
KN10 Claudia Zapata (Arizona State University, USA) An improved framework for volume change of shrink/swell soils subjected to time-varying climatic effects
# State-of-the -Art  Subject
STA1 Laureano R. Hoyos (University of Texas at Arlington, USA) Behavior of unsaturated cohesive-frictional soils over a whole range of suction/thermo-controlled stress paths and modes of deformation
STA2 John McCartney (University of California at San Diego, USA) Hydromechanical behavior of unsaturated soils: Interpretation of compression curves in terms of effective stress
STA3 Sai Vanapalli (University of Ottawa, Canada) Analytical and numerical methods for prediction of the bearing capacity of shallow foundations in unsaturated soils
STA4 Sandra Houston (Arizona State University, USA) Review of expansive and collapsible soil volume change models within a unified elastoplastic framework